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Parents Are Sharing Photos Of Their Kids' Messy Playrooms And My Eyeballs Can't Unsee It

Ellen DeGeneres asked parents to share their messy playrooms on Facebook.

Recently, Kim Kardashian gave the world an inside look at her kids' playroom:

And the level of organization is IMPECCABLE!!!

However, if you're a parent, you probably know this is a very, very hard task to uphold because KIDS ARE MESSY.

So, on Saturday, Ellen DeGeneres asked her fans to share their messy playrooms. Let's just say parents delivered.

Facebook: ellentv

There were playrooms where it was hard to even get the door open:

And playrooms that looked like they would hurt to walk in:

Most of the rooms looked like they'd been hit by a tornado:

They were next-level messes that parents know all too well:

No matter how many bins and toy organizers playrooms had, they still remained disasters:

Some of the messes even spilled over into other rooms:

And the messes were so large, it appears that even the children themselves passed out in horror:

So, is your kid's playroom messier then these? I don't believe it! Show me in the comments and it could appear in a future BuzzFeed post!