Parents Are Entertaining Themselves With This Poop Prank, And Their Kids' Reactions Have Me Feeling So Many Emotions

    Poor girl went through so many different emotions...

    At a time like this, when we're all stuck inside because of COVID-19, people have to find new ways to entertain themselves. So right now, parents are playing a poop prank on their kids, and it's trending on social media.

    So how does the prank work? Basically, parents spread chocolate — like Nutella or chocolate pudding — on their hand and ask their kid to hand them some toilet paper. When the kid gives it to them, the parents get the chocolate on the kid and tell them it's their poop.

    And, as you can see, the kids are experiencing myriad emotions:

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    This kid gets a really bad gag reflux and...just wait till the end:

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    The kids just...

    The funniest boys #poopchallenge #poopprank 😂😂😂

    This kid just laughed through his disbelief:

    When I tell you I am in TEARS 😂😭 #toiletpaperchallenge #poopchallenge

    And this little girl understood that accidents happen:

    Did the poop challenge on my daughter , 😭🥺🥰 (used peanut butter) but this was her reaction 😂 Gosh I love her sooo much ‼️

    And now others have been joining in on the prank. Like this woman who played it on her mother. So, yes, it is safe to say things are getting out of hand! DON'T FALL FOR THIS!

    #poopchallenge I did it on my mom and it went like -