16 Really Funny Tweets About Raising Kids Today That'll Make Parents Chortle

    "I asked my son to turn down his music and he 'OK boomer-ed' me, so now we're turning off the Wi-Fi for a bit."

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    My son got hungry so I gave him a snack. His teacher is gonna say how he can’t eat and before I knew it, I yelled from the kitchen “Girl, he is at home honey!” & then there was silence.......

    @LeciJ_ / Twitter: @LeciJ_


    I asked my son to turn down his music and he 'okayed boomer' me so now we're turning off the wi-fi for a bit

    @Alohababe2011 / Twitter: @Alohababe2011


    We’ve been getting a meal kit service and 9yo has been gamely trying all of it, but the other day it was salmon, which I knew he’d never eat, so I made him chicken fingers from frozen instead. He was like “WOW, is this hello fresh? This is INCREDIBLE.”

    @anne_theriault / Twitter: @anne_theriault


    Thoughts and prayers for my son who thought it would be funny to tell me “I’ll get to it when I get to it, woman”

    @mom_ontherocks / Twitter: @mom_ontherocks


    My son lost his tooth yesterday and I go to his room last night to grab the tooth in exchange for some $$$... And this is the message he wrote... 😒😒😒 with full on instructions 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄🤣

    @CheLaurenW / Twitter: @ChefLaurenW


    I tracked 16’s phone to see if he was where he was supposed to be. He was not. So I called 16 and asked where he was. He named the place he was supposed to be. I said oh REALLY? And the sound of his sighing realization that technology is a real bitch literally made my whole day.

    @Parkerlawyer / Twitter: @Parkerlawyer


    3-year-old: mama why do people get married? Me: well, when two people love each other very much it can be a good thing to do for tax purposes.

    @feliciaday / Twitter: @feliciaday


    At my daughter’s 4-year checkup, the doctor said she should be eating a varied diet and to make sure she’s eating a good amount from each food group and I think she said a bit about trying new foods but not sure cause I got distracted wondering if she’d ever actually met a 4yo.

    @SnarkyMommy78 / Twitter: @SnarkyMommy78


    My tween daughter is the only one among her group of friends who doesn’t have a phone. I know this because she tells me every 30 minutes.

    @mommajessiec / Twitter: @mommajessiec


    [any time my family enters the room when I’m working] - are you on a call? - is it a video call? - are you on mute? - is it the kind where you have to pay attention? - are you even awake?

    @TheCatWhisprer / Twitter: @TheCatWhisprer


    You can be a calm, rational person who doesn’t rage-eat potato chips before 10am, or you can be a parent of children doing online school. You cannot be both.

    @mommymemejeans / Twitter: @mommymemejeans


    My 4-year-old wanted to use talk-to-text to send a message to his aunt. This is what was sent. My 4-year-old is THE world's worst rapper.

    @HomeWithPeanut / Twitter: @HomeWithPeanut


    Me, to 8y.o: “Why do you watch YouTube videos of other people playing video games when you could play them yourself?” 8: “Well, why do YOU watch TikTok videos of people dancing when you could do the dances yourself?” Well played, kid.

    @Six_Pack_Mom / Twitter: @Six_Pack_Mom


    My son thinks the heart is in the stomach and calls vaginas “berginas” so I think he’s officially ready to start giving medical advice on Facebook

    @TheNYAMProject / Twitter: @TheNYAMProject


    “Hmmm, I guess I’ll have that” - My 10yo after I told him what I was making for dinner like he’s got a choice in the matter

    @FatherWithTwins / Twitter: @FatherWithTwins


    In a world of many parenting hacks, only one hack remains indisputably effective when you need a kid to do something: "I'll time you."

    @thedad / Twitter: @thedad

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