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Moms Are Exposing How Much It Costs To Give Birth In US Hospitals And It's Going Viral Because It's So Ridiculous

"My kid was 7 years old when I finally paid off the hospital bill from their birth."

After just now paying off the medical bill for giving birth to her daughter two years ago, a TikTok user asked other moms to share what age their kid was when they were finally able to pay off their childbirth bill:

Image of a mom on TikTok.

Soon, tons of moms started sharing just how much they were charged, like this mom who was sent a bill for nearly 3 million dollars after giving birth to her premature son:

Mom who said her premature baby cost $2.75 million.

Another mom — who gave birth to premature triplets — revealed that her bill was over a million for each baby:

Mom with triplets that cost over a million each.

For those who thought moms were exaggerating the numbers, many hospital employees were quick to confirm that the bills sounded accurate:

NICU employee who said the cost is accurate.

And, although the cost is significantly higher for babies who stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) — like @laysamichelle_ experienced...


Having a baby is not cheap 😅💙( Insta: laysamichelle_ )

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...It is still extremely expensive for babies who do not:

Mom who said her bill was over $10,000.

Some moms weren't able to pay off the bills until their kids were in elementary school:

This person said she owed $12,000 after insurance.
This person said her mom paid her bill off when she was six.

In the US, even with good insurance, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars:

This teacher had good insurance and paid $5,000.
This person owed $8,000 for one kid and $5,000 for the other.

And hospitals don't waste any time demanding their money:

This person said they owed $4,000 and it went to collections.

However, user @alycia.michelle1 is from Canada and she couldn't relate to any of the American moms above because giving birth didn't cost her a thing:


#stitch with @mslilyflowers I can’t imagine having the burden that Americans have when it comes to kids. ♥️❤️💜

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TikTokers from outside the US expressed how grateful they were that childbirth was 100% free for them:

This person who said they don't pay anything in the UK.

Some places actually PAY YOU after you have a baby:

This person who said in Germany parents GET money for having babies.

And some places give little gift bags:

Aussie person who didn't pay anything and got a gift bag.

The comments from non-US moms were really eye-opening:

Person saying they just had to pay for parking.

According to Business Insider, the average cost to have a baby in the US, without complications during delivery, is $10,808. And this number can increase to $30,000 if you include the care provided before and after pregnancy.

Commenter saying they are a Canadian who feels bad for Americans.

Anyway, there you have it. A hospital childbirth in America is anything but affordable.