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    This TikTok User Said Americans Devised A Plan To Drop Extra-Large Condoms On The Soviets During The Cold War And It Is Actually True

    In today's history lesson...

    Today we are about to talk about two things that I've never really thought about together: the Cold War and condoms.


    So, here's where we begin. Let's start with this TikTok that recently stopped me dead in my tracks:

    If you can't understand TikTok user @the.marchie because she's laughing uncontrollably, she said, "I just found out, during the Cold War, there was a real, actual, real researched plan in which the Americans would drop extra-large condoms labeled 'medium' all over the Soviet army so that they would think that all American men had huge penises and they would feel inferior and quit."

    Fox TV

    After hearing this, I knew it was definitely worth a Google.


    And, according to The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America by Hugh Wilford — a British historian and professor of history at California State University, Long Beach — it's true.


    The story starts in the early 1950s, when a man named Frank Wisner was named director of the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) — which was part of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


    The Office of Policy Coordination had a cover working with the International Red Cross and providing refugee assistance, but they were really executing covert operations.

    Frank was very invested in psychological warfare. And the ideas the OPC came up with while he was in charge included things like delivering American toiletries across the Iron Curtain to demonstrate superior Western standards of comfort...


    ...and airdropping enormous condoms labeled “medium” onto the Soviets in hopes of demoralizing them against an ~anatomically superior~ American army.


    In the end, the condom scheme never got beyond the planning stage, but I am curious to know if history would have changed if it had.


    It has been said that no one really won the Cold War — if you're wondering. After Ukraine, Byelorussia, and Russia declared their independence, the Soviet Union was dissolved, ending the war.