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    17 Hilarious Tweets That Are So "Mom" It Hurts

    "You're going out again?! Save some money!"

    1. When mom is always contradicting herself.

    2. When mom relies on you to remember her important login information.

    3. When mom needs a lesson or two about online shopping.

    4. When mom thinks you know who everyone is.

    5. When mom doesn't know what certain words mean.

    alliemurphy22 / Via

    6. When mom wants to pretend like she knows everything, even when it makes zero sense.

    @ranmyvirthefox / Via

    7. When mom doesn't understand the internet.

    8. When mom makes up her own abbreviations.

    9. When mom asks you to do something and you wait until the very last minute.

    10. When mom wants to talk to you all the time.

    11. And when mom won't let you hang up after you finally call her.

    12. When mom is really scared of computer viruses.

    13. When mom doesn't know the whole story, so you have to explain the truth.

    14. When mom calls so many times you legitimately think something is wrong...but usually nothing ever is.

    15. When mom thinks you're ready to be out on your own.

    16. When mom puts the guilt trip on you.

    17. And when mom still treats you like you're two years old.

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