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I Am Still In Disbelief From Hearing These One-In-A-Million Things People Have Actually Experienced

"You saved your dad's life by existing."

TikTok user @abrahampiper recently asked people to share the one-in-a-million things that happened to them that they couldn't believe were real.


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He shared a story of how he went to a classmate's very fraternity-like house in college. There were two chisels in the house where you could carve whatever you wanted into the table. One guy was swinging the chisel around and the blade flew out, perfectly landing in someone's earlobe.

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Soon, other users started sharing their wildest one-in-a-million stories, like @markbowlingball, who saved his dad's life on 9/11 by being born.


#stitch with @abrahampiper you could say that’s pretty 1 in a million #storytime #viral

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He explained how his parents kept trying to have a son and they finally conceived him. His due date was not on Sept. 11, but his mom went into labor that day, so his dad had to miss work. His dad was supposed to be working in the Twin Towers — on the 101st floor of Tower 1.

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And TikTok user @southofthe49th saved his wife's life.


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In 2012, user @southofthe49th was out of town for work when he randomly passed out and hit his head on the pavement. He got rushed to the hospital for a CAT scan, but was completely fine, so they stitched him up and he went back to work. However, his boss sent him home due to the injury. He drove five hours home to find his wife in bed very ill. He rushed her to the hospital, where she also had a CAT scan and they found a brain tumor. They did emergency surgery and pulled a lemon-sized tumor out of the exact same spot where he hit his head that day.

@southofthe49th points to his forehead
@southofthe49th /

TikTok user @abbydlikestv had a pretty wild night with a famous country group that ended with a song being written about her and her friend.


#stitch with @abrahampiper they made us promise not tell anyone but it’s been 4 years now so I’m exposing them, sorry guys 🤷🏻‍♀️ #olddominion #fyp

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She and a friend got front-row tickets to the 102.5 FM country street party in Boston. After the show, they walked around to see if they could find any headliners from that day. They saw Old Dominion walking into a hotel, and the band recognized them from the front row, so they invited them to have a drink at the bar. They ended up partying on their tour bus, and her friend left to hook up with one of the band members in the hotel. When her friend got back to the bus, the trains weren't running anymore, so they had no way to get home. Old Dominion gave the girls their hotel key and the band slept on their tour bus. The following year, Old Dominion released a hit single called "Hotel Key." It's about her and her friend's experience with them.

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When user @jonnyboooi got his first car, he developed bad driving habits. One time, in the middle of the night, he left his friend's house and a vehicle went flying past his car, so he decided to speed up to it. He drove over 105 MPH to catch the vehicle, only to realize it was highway patrol...


EASILY the scariest moment of my entire life😩 Comment for a part 2 because trust, IT GETS WILDER #stitch #fyp #foryoupage#storytime

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...The state trooper pulled him over and, as they were both sitting in their vehicles, the officer decided to turn his lights off and drive away.


Reply to @vivcan722 Y’all idk how I made it out of this but here’s part 2 😁 Comment if you want more storytime #stitch #fyp #foryoupage #storytime

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And, unfortunately, TikTok user @daynuhhhhzzzz's one-in-a-million story doesn't have a happy ending like the others.


lol it was gr8 #ThisCouldBeUs #stitch #NewYearNewMiO

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When she was doing the driving portion of her driver's ed test, her teacher had her pull into a McDonald's so he could run in and use the restroom. Fifteen minutes later, the instructor came back with shit-covered pants in his hands. He told her to drive him home — wearing no pants or underwear — and when he got out of the car, she saw his full bare ass and the seat had poop on it.

A poop-stained passenger seat
@daynuhhhhzzzz /

I guess not all one-in-a-million experiences are great 🥴. Have you had one? Tell us about it in the comments!

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