Nurses And Doctors Are Sharing The Graphic Effects Of Wearing Face Masks As They Continue Fighting On The Front Lines Of The Coronavirus

    "This is the new normal after a shift — blisters on the nose and irritation to my face."

    Last month, healthcare workers started sharing photos of their bruised faces as a result of constantly having to wear face masks while they help battle the coronavirus.

    And now, nearly a month later, nurses and doctors are continuing to share how bad it still is on the front lines of this pandemic.

    This Maryland ER nurse wrote: "This is the new normal after a shift — blisters on the nose and irritation to my face. Wearing a mask for 12 hours straight. Reusing a mask for at least three days, or until it is visibly soiled. Placing it in a paper bag after a shift until the next day. This virus is real and people are sick, fighting for their lives...🦠"

    This doctor in Portugal wrote: "The COVID mask effects. Please stay home and protect the ones you love! STAY SAFE, STAY STRONG! 🇵🇹"

    This healthcare worker wrote: "See the marks on my face? Those are the marks left by the N95 mask that divides me and the potential COVID-19 patient. That barrier is one...that keeps me safe from bringing the virus home. I am mentally exhausted after each shift. I pray every day that I do the right thing by my patient and by my family."

    This New York nurse wrote: "I can’t even begin to describe my emotions after a 14-hour long night on Coronavirus Critical Unit. I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, and furious for not having enough or quality PPE (personal protective equipment), scared of carrying the virus home or contracting myself; I’m physically and mentally drained, and may be somewhat proud of myself for helping to fight this pandemic 😩..."

    This Indiana nurse wrote: "This is unlike any pic in my feed. It doesn’t have the same 'aesthetic.' But, seriously, eff the aesthetic. 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞. This is the face of a COVID ICU nurse. Blood, sweat, and tears — literally. This is what healthcare workers are putting in to save these patients. And lots ARE recovering! But, we cannot save them all..."

    This travel nurse who is currently in California said: "It was nearly 0400. The marks are real. And to think, this was only after spending one hour in the room, during an admission, using the interpreter services. The gowns are hot, I’m sweaty, and masks are itchy. I stopped wearing face makeup to work (only mascara on) because the surgical masks and N95 cannot be cleaned properly if there is makeup on them."

    This healthcare worker wrote: "I can’t feel my nose anymore!"

    And this one wrote: "Beauty marks."

    We want to thank all of the people who are putting their lives at risk to help fight this pandemic. Please continue to stay home and practice social distancing so we can beat COVID-19 together! ❤️

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