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"I Don't Allow Sleepovers" — This Mom's "Unpopular Parenting Opinions" Are Causing Quite The Viral Debate

She started a riot, that's for sure!

A mom named Tara Huck recently started quite the conversation on both TikTok and Instagram after she shared this short clip of her "unpopular parenting opinions":

Tara's clip — which has over 7.5 million views on Instagram and over 1.6 million views on TikTok — shows that she doesn't allow sleepovers, doesn't limit screen time if school and chores are done, and if her kids don't eat what she makes, they don't eat.

Well, her rule of no sleepovers started generating a LOOOOOT of conversation.

A lot of parents agree with Tara's rule of no sleepovers...

One person said "ain't happening! you don't know who has a revolving door and who is in and out. Women or men can be predators"

...But there are also those who strongly disagree.

I highly encourage sleep overs, it's a great way to not only make friends but also a great way to spend time with your friends

BuzzFeed spoke to Tara, who said she does not allow her two kids — currently in older elementary school — to sleep at anyone's houses and she does not allow other kids to sleep at hers. "We do later hangouts, the kids can go to trusted families' houses for gatherings, and then we pick them up when it’s time for bed."

Tara decided to make this no sleepover rule after hearing stories, doing research, and having discussions about things that could potentially happen at other people's houses. "There are weapon safety, sexual assault, drugs, alcohol, bullying, etc. Kids are their most vulnerable when they are asleep. I’d rather not risk their safety just to sleep at someone else’s house. I'm just trying to eliminate one very small factor that could potentially harm them," she explained.

She added, "How many times have you heard, 'He/she was the nicest person; we never thought they’d do this...'"

And, as of now, Tara plans on keeping this rule up until her kids are 18. "Parenting changes as the world changes, as your kids change. So I don’t like to say 'never,' but I see this rule sticking until they’re out of school. Again, they can go hang out and we will adjust curfew accordingly, but sleep will be done at home," she explained.

Tara hopes that all parents can respect each other and their choices for their children. "No one can tell you how to parent. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual. You do your best by your kids with what you have and what you know. As long as your kids are fed, clothed, happy, healthy, loved, and cared for, no one has a right to tell you how to parent them."

You can follow Tara on Instagram and TikTok.