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    I Tried A Viral Hack That Helps You Not Cry When Cutting Onions, And It Worked

    So simple and so effective.

    If you dread cutting onions because you get red, watery eyes, a TikToker has a very helpful solution for you.


    TikTok user @cerealeatingghost recently shared the simple hack she uses so she doesn't cry when she's chopping onions:


    #stitch with @xxbaileyelizabethxx thank you for making me crave lentil soup πŸ–€

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    In her video, she explains that the acid in onions is attracted to a water source β€” which typically is your tear ducts. However, if you simply place a damp paper towel on the cutting board, the onion acid will be drawn to the wet paper towel instead of your eyes!


    BuzzFeed spoke to 23-year-old Sally, who said that she learned the trick β€” which isn't new* β€” after doing some research on onions. "I wanted to understand them more since I cook with them so often," she said.

    So, in an attempt to see if this onion-cutting hack really works β€” I tried it. First, I cut a plain onion normally just to make sure it was going to make me 😒. It delivered. My eyes burned and it's hard to see in the photo, but I had a few tears.

    Krista Torres

    After I regrouped and dried my eyes, I got a wet paper towel. I actually ripped it in slivers all around the cutting board in an effort to get maximum results:

    Krista Torres

    And the results? It definitely helped! While I did occasionally feel a bit of eye sting from the onions, it wasn't nearly as bad as without the paper towel β€” and my eyes didn't tear up at all!

    Krista Torres

    So, overall, I'd say this hack takes minimal effort and is worth doing if you want some eye relief when it comes to chopping onions!

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    Did you already know about this hack or have you tried it before? Let us know in the comments!