A Woman Found Jeans With No Butt Pockets Just Like In The '00s And Millennials Went From "I Hate This" To "BUY THEM" After Seeing Her Try Them On

    "I hate everything denim without back pockets."

    If there's one deeply ingrained fashion memory that all millennials know too well, it's a pair of extremely low-rise jeans that often have fake pockets in the front and absolutely none in the back:

    A closeup from behind of a pair of jeans on a person. The jeans have a large butterfly detail on the waist and no pockets

    These types of denim bring back a lot of memories, sometimes possibly even tears, when people recall the years they were trendy:

    I used to love the jeans with no butt pockets as a youngin omg. 😭

    Twitter: @thatttgirlDC

    They were such a staple that some even gave them a nickname of "smooth booty jeans":

    You remember when we use to call jeans with no pockets “smooth booty jeans”?! 😂😂😂🤣🤣 @_britnee88 I just seen somebody with some on and fell out laughing. We hated them 😂

    Twitter: @_TLu88

    The lack of pockets was really just the most inconvenient thing:

    wearing jeans with no back pockets is honestly the most annoying shit ever

    Twitter: @elijahmarieee

    Anyway, we've seen them over the years on and off, but they haven't completely made a comeback...until possibly now.

    A woman named Emily C. White made a video of her discovery of jean shorts with no butt pockets at Target:


    Millennials how are we feeling about this coming back? #microminiskirt #microminis #targetfashion

    ♬ Temperature - Sean Paul

    In the video, which has nearly 3 million views and thousands of comments, Emily shows a whole section of mini shorts with no back pockets:

    Amused, she tried them on and got a laugh!

    Millennials ran to the comments with two distinct thoughts. Sheer and utter hatred for the fashion comeback...

    One person said "I refuse to believe there isn't just some stockpile of clothes that didn't sell years ago n just get refurbished"

    But pure LOVE for how they look on Emily!

    Someone commented "I hope you got em they look really good on you"

    BuzzFeed spoke to Emily, who initially left Target without the shorts. However, the power of the internet changed her mind and she went back to snag a pair:


    Replying to @smkmeoowt where do I buy glide for my thicc thighs now? 🫠 #microminiskirt #y2kfashion #2000sfashion #microminis

    ♬ Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot

    "I wasn’t expecting this viral kind of sensation to my experience in finding these micro mini shorts! It struck a chord and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who felt that nostalgia/dread 😅," she said.

    Emily believes all older millennials have this collective feeling upon seeing all the '00s nostalgia circling back. "We still feel like we’re in the 2000s, but it’s been 20 years and we can’t accept that fact!"

    Emily smiles as she poses for a photo a theater while wearing a knee-length sheath dress with a chain belt and sequined flats

    I, unfortunately, couldn't get in touch with Miranda Priestly to determine whether or not this is an up-and-coming fashion trend, but some high-waisted versions do pop up on Google:

    A person wearing a pair of very high-waisted, form-fitting jeans with zero pockets in sight

    Either way, it's 2023 and style means wearing whatever makes you feel happy and confident. SOOO if you're dying to get your booty in a pair, DO IT. I wanted to drop a link, but sadly I couldn't find them on Target's website, so you'll have to check your local store!