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This Woman's Son Tipped $10 On A $104 Tab Thinking It Was "A Lot Of Money," And The World Is Applauding The Way She Handled It

"Go to the ATM, grab a $20, and drive your ass back to that restaurant because, on a $104 check, $10 is a shitty tip."

A mom on TikTok recently caught the attention of over 2.2 million people after she made her son go back to a restaurant and tip more:


😑 legit he’s driving his ass back there im so sorry legit 😩 I raised him better than this 😑 #momsoftiktok #momofteens #coolmom #tippingservers #waiter #waitress #workfromhome #remotework #momof3 #workingmom

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In her TikTok, she says, "You need to get my wallet, you need to get my Visa card, you need to go to the ATM, you need to grab a $20, and drive your ass back to that restaurant because on a $104 check, $10 is a shitty tip. Do you understand me? Go now. I'm not asking, I'm telling... Do you know that guy may have kids, do you know on $104, he gets taxed on it?"

This is the face of an innocent-looking 16-year-old who got a great life lesson from his mom:

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BuzzFeed spoke to D Foster who is the mom in the video. She is a military spouse who owns D Foster Consulting — a company that employs military spouses and veterans. Her son, pictured with her below, is Johnny.

D Foster and her son, Johnny

After going on a date with his girlfriend, Johnny told his mom how great the customer service was, so she asked what he tipped. That's when he told her he gave the server $10 on a $104 tab.

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Foster told BuzzFeed she felt so strongly about the situation because, when she was a single mom at 20, she worked three jobs to keep food on the table. "Two of those jobs I was a waitress. It was extremely hard work, and some days, I walked off an eight-hour shift with only $30," she said.

D Foster and her son

And she reacted the way she did because Johnny will be going off to college in a couple of years, and these are the types of life lessons he needs to learn.

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If you're curious, Johnny used a $50 gift card and paid for the rest of his tab with his own money. However, Johnny didn't realize he still needed to tip off of the total bill amount, not just the amount after the gift card.

"I had so many other amazing parents/people/friends/family members reach out and say, 'Omg, I never told my kids about tipping on top of a gift card.' Yes, Johnny tipped 20% on the bill he paid, he just didn't know he had to tip on the gift card. So, I taught him right, but forgot that info. I'm only human. I paid the extra $20 to the waiter because I felt it was my responsibility for not explaining gift cards," she said.

The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour, so tipping your service industry workers is crucial, especially since inflation has risen 7% since December of last year.

Someone handing a server a restaurant bill

"Thank goodness for our hardworking servers and bartenders who let me have a night off sometimes from cooking! From moms everywhere, WE THANK YOU," Foster concluded.

Special thanks to D Foster! Her husband is currently deployed, and she is also looking for donations for her company which, since 2020, has grown from just her to over 50+ people in the US remotely. "We are currently opening our first office, and if anyone wants to help donate supplies, that would be awesome because I am 100% self-funded," she said. If you want to help, you can do so here.