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    We Asked Miranda Lambert Your Burning Questions And She Answered Them While Playing With Puppies

    "My dogs have chewed a lot of interesting things..."

    Miranda Lambert is a Grammy award-winning country artist who also has a strong passion for animals. (I mean, she owns seven rescue dogs herself!) BuzzFeed sat down with her during this year's CMA Fest to answer some of your most burning questions. All questions were submitted by members of the BuzzFeed Community.

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    1. What was a favorite thing of yours that your dogs have chewed up? —tessac47f20c107

    2. If you had to collaborate with a non-country artist, who would it be? —sheenpuck21

    3. What is your favorite mixed drink? —katiek42c53dae8

    4. What was your favorite album or song to record? —theresab44860c798

    5. Do you have any music on your phone that would shock people? —lg1

    6. What’s your favorite place to eat in Nashville?

    7. What inspired you to start your organization, MuttNation Foundation?

    To learn more about how to adopt these insanely adorable puppies (or many others looking for a home), visit MuttNation Foundation.