Apparently, If You Milk A Cucumber It Makes It Taste Better, So I Tried It And Here's What Happened

    If you can milk a cow, why can't you milk a cucumber?!

    TikTok is a wild, weird place. We know this.

    Tiktok is a wierd place, I just watched someone milk a cucumber and another eat her husbands ashes wtf😂

    So, it is NO surprise at all that I came across the video mentioned in the tweet above where user @basicallyperkfect explains how to milk a cucumber:

    In her TikTok, she said that in order for your cucumber to taste as fresh as it possibly can, all you have to do is cut the edges off and rub them in circular motions with the rest of the cucumber. Then, white stuff will start coming out — SORRY IT IS THE ONLY WAY TO DESCRIBE IT — and voilà! It is FRESH.

    I was skeptical of this hack, though. So I decided to try it out and see if I could taste a difference. Before I began, I did a lil' googling to see exactly HOW it should be done. According to Life Hacker, rubbing the ends helps remove the bitterness in a cucumber by releasing an organic compound called cucurbitacin.

    First, I tasted a regular ol' non-milked slice of the cucumber. It was fine. It tasted like a cucumber.

    Then, I got to work "milking"! I noticed that not much, but SOME ~white stuff~ started gathering around the edges — along with some bits of the cucumber. I milked each side for about two minutes.

    The piece on the left is what one of the ends looked like after "milking" compared to a new, post-milking slice on the right:

    When I tried the newly milked cucumber, it tasted crisper, juicier, and less bitter!

    However, I also wondered if this had a placebo effect on my brain and it was just in my head that it tasted better. So I tried it again with another cucumber and asked my husband. I didn't tell him what I was doing, I just told him to taste the two cucumber slices and tell me which one he thought tasted better. He said the MILKED ONE TASTED BETTER and he had no idea what I did.

    So, I think milking cucumbers does work to some extent!