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"How To Be Fabulously Fat" — Mikayla Nogueira Is Being Accused Of Editing Her Body, So She Perfectly Responded With This "How To Be Fat For Dummies" Video

Mikayla already serving up the best content for 2023.

You know TikTok makeup legend Mikayla Nogueira. Well, she recently shared how she has been falsely accused of editing her body.

Now, Mikayla didn't specify which video she is being accused of editing her body in (and it doesn't matter anyway), but here she is recently looking SNATCHED in her NYE dress:


Just one more moment for this dress 👌🏻 #nye #newyearseve #newyear #makeup #beauty #2023

♬ Shirt - SZA

So, Mikayla decided to seize this moment as an opportunity to show the world how she dresses behind the scenes. "Welcome to how to be fat for dummies," Mikayla starts in her video that has nearly 9 million views. "I'm going to teach you how to be beautifully fat. Gorgeously fat but fuckin' snatched. Let's go."

A closeup of Mikayla

Mikayla then shows herself in her underwear and bra, sharing that she is 200 pounds and 4'11".

"This is me like, you know, having my stomach relaxed and I've always had bigger arms and I definitely have a curvature at the hips," she says.

"Yeah, so this is my body, which I am totally happy with. I'm actually in love with my body, which I never used to be able to say."

The genuine smile of someone who fully loves and accepts themselves. WE LOVE TO SEE IT!!!

"So, just for reference, usually I'm a size 14/16 — large. And, in Abercrombie, I'm a 32," she continues. "So, in the video in question, I don't look anything like this obviously. But that is because I am wearing two pairs of Spanx. So, let me show you..."

Mikayla then shares that she starts off with a traditional pair of shapewear — the actual Spanx brand.

Mikayla holding up a pair of Spanx

"I do get the thong because I have to wear a thong — I just can't. So, start with this. It's a pain to put on."

"This will immediately get that stomach suctioned in. See the immediate shape that gave? See? We're already halfway there.."

"And you know what, I've always loved this, but I feel, I think, there are people who don't like having this," Mikayla says about the area near her lower hips. "I love having this. I think it's sexy. It's just my opinion," she adds.

Mikayla holding onto the lower part of her stomach that's become shaped

The next part is what Mikayla calls "more intense." She gets ready to put on a fuller coverage pair of shapewear over the Spanx she already has on. "The brand is Maidenform. I think I got it at Target," she shares.

"This is gonna fuckin' — holy shit — cinch dude."

"Yes, it is gonna snatch the the front is fuckin' SNATCHED!"

She then moves on to show people how she puts on a dress over it.

Mikayla holds up a short dress with three-quarter sleeves

"I'm gonna slide it over the top like this. And it's a bodycon dress, so it's gonna be really tight..."

"OK, so I took the bra off, but as you can see, snatched and there's no fucking filter."

To further prove the point that she doesn't edit her videos, she says, "If I move my hands like this, I bet you the floor is pixelated because the camera can't fuckin' catch what I'm doing because I film on a fuckin' iPhone in the TikTok app!"

Mikayla lastly says heels take her look to the next level. "I can only last about 10 seconds in them, but it works."

"Check this shit out. Check it out. How to be fat!"

TO RECAP: Mikayla does not edit her body EVER! She wears thong Spanx, then puts a full coverage Maidenform shapewear over the Spanx. THAT IS IT!

You can watch her full tutorial here.