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Megan Fox Is Being Mom Shamed Over This Photo Of Her Sons At The Beach And It's So Ridiculous I Can't

Mom shamers are the worst.

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Hi, guys. This is Megan Fox. She's a ~hot mom~ but also an actress – if you don't remember, some of her most popular movies were Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Instagram: @the_native_tiger

Megan has three sons with hubby Brian Austin Green – Noah, Bodhi, and Journey.

Her youngest, pictured above, is Journey.

They are 100% adorable. This is Bodhi.

Instagram: @the_native_tiger

And this is Noah. Again, just stinkin' adorable.

Instagram: @the_native_tiger

Flash forward to last week when Megan was enjoying a beautiful day at the beach with her kiddos.

But, unfortunately, it didn't take long for people to chime in with their unnecessary comments.


Ridiculously unnecessary.

I can't.

Luckily, most people had Megan's back – making very valid points.


Megan to the mommy shamers:


Keep doin' you, Meg! Hope your Mother's Day was great.

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