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This Artist Perfectly Captures What Everyday Women Would Look Like As Disney Princesses

So hilarious. So accurate.

A few years ago, artist Andhika Muksin went viral for photoshopping Disney princesses into celebs. Here's his version of Pocahontas and Snow White dancing at Coachella:

Since then, he's been gaining attention on Instagram for imagining what Disney characters would look like as everyday people:

BuzzFeed spoke to Andhika, who said he got the idea to start drawing these more ~realistic~ Disney characters during a period when his work/life balance was really intense. "I was working late on a daily basis, sometimes until sunrise the next day. So, I began incorporating all the real-life moments I was experiencing into my art in a fun, comedic way. It has become a personal way for me to cheer myself up and reconnect with my childhood," he explained.

Andhika thinks so many people like and share his drawings because they're relatable. "Even though my personal life inspired this series of artworks, the situations I’ve put these childhood icons in are things that happen to all of us," he added.

And it's not hard to see just how relatable they are. For example, if you were Cinderella and couldn't go to the ball, you would likely be ugly crying like this:

And, if you were Pocahontas singing in the wind, your face would probably look sort of like this:

If you were Snow White looking through a window, there's a good chance you'd look similar to this:

Somehow, Belle's makeup and hair stayed perfectly in place when it rained, but we all know yours would resemble this:

Jasmine made hopping on that magic carpet look easy...but, let's be real, getting on that thing would definitely be a struggle for you:

Ariel looks perfect at every angle, but, if you were Ariel, there's no doubt the camera would catch some bad angles:

And this would be the same case if you were Belle:

No one looks as good as Cinderella first thing in the morning.

Or as good as Snow White waking up from a long slumber:

Basically, all Disney characters look amazing, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in. We get it — it's fantasy! But it's refreshing (and funny) to see how these princesses might look if they were really real.

If you want to check out more of Andhika's art, follow him on Instagram.