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This Simple Math Problem Is Going Viral On Twitter Because So Many People Don't Know The Answer — Can You Get It Correct?

"The fact that 26% of people somehow got 13..."

I know, I know. The last thing you probably want to be doing to kick-start the weekend is math. But this problem is easy...well, maybe — I guess it's debatable.

Let's just get to the equation! Twitter user @xclaudius recently shared this math problem, along with a poll showing what percentage of people voted for each of the four options:

idek what stresses me out more, the fact that 26% somehow got 13 or the fact that the correct answer isn’t even an option

@xclaudius / Twitter: @xclaudius

As you can see, most people thought the answer was 16.

But many others were quick to point out that 16 is actually wrong, per the PEMDAS method of problem-solving.

@xclaudius Perenthesis Expenditure Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction. If you don't know this you're utterly fucked. The answers 10 anything else is wrong. Math isn't a "it's roughly" subject it's precise. Basic stuff.

@dann_afc / Twitter: @dann_afc

PEMDAS is an acronym to help you remember the order in which you solve equations: parentheses first, then exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

However, some people only remember PEMDAS as a method for solving whatever is in the parentheses first.

@xclaudius Pemdas told y’all to do whatever is in the parenthesis first There’s no parenthesis It’s 16

@SchlimDollaz / Twitter: @SchlimDollaz

Honestly, a lot of people admitted that they forgot what PEMDAS stood for, so they solved it their own way.

@xclaudius I just graduated like 2 years ago and I already forgot pemdas. So this is how I solved it since that’s too many steps…

@Arial_imp666 / Twitter: @Arial_imp666

And in doing it their own way, most people ended up with 16.

@xclaudius Someone explain bc 2+2 is 4 & 4x4 is 16 so who lying 😂

Twitter: @JTaheim

My husband also thought it was 16. I calculated 10 and immediately thought I was wrong because I didn't see my answer as an option. So I went to a reliable source to get the correct answer: GOOGLE.

A Google search for "solve 2 + 2 x 4"

This exact equation was asked a couple of years ago on Quora, and even though some people argued that either answer could be correct...

Long explanation explaining how to solve "What is the correct answer for 2+2x4?"

...the consensus was that 10 is, in fact, correct.

More comments explaining what is the correct answer and why

I even asked an online math forum, which may have misunderstood what I meant by "x," but nevertheless, the answer still appears to be 10.

Online page solving 2 +2x4 (with "x" interpreted as a variable)