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    This Girl Shared The Weird Way Her Boyfriend Eats Mangoes, And People Think It's Genius

    This is not the hack that uses a cup, either!

    Katie Feeney recently discovered that her boyfriend, Sean Yamada, eats his mangoes in a very unique way.

    Photo of Katie and Sean

    BuzzFeed spoke to Katie, who said she first discovered the way Sean eats his mangoes on FaceTime about a week ago. "I was laughing because I have never seen anyone eat a mango like that," she said. She then decided to share it on TikTok to see if anyone else did it this way:

    First, Sean cuts all the way around the middle of the mango:

    Sean using a knife to slice the mango in half.

    And exposes the center like this:

    Sean exposing the inside of the mango.

    Then, he pops out what he calls the "lollipop" center:

    And he's ready to scoop out the inside of each half with a spoon:

    Sean scooping out the additional parts of each half of the mango.

    Katie's video has received more than 4 million views in just six hours because so many people loved the hack.

    Text from video saying, "So smart. I need to go pickup some mangos now."

    However, even though this way of peeling mangoes was new for some, others said they've been doing it this way for years.

    Text from video saying, "I always peel my mangos like that!"

    Sean told BuzzFeed that he only recently discovered this way of eating mangoes himself. "I have only been eating mangoes with that technique for the past couple of weeks, and I just had to show it," he said.

    And Katie tried eating a mango this way for the first time this past weekend. Her verdict? "It is so much easier and I will definitely be eating it this way from now on."

    Picture of Katie and Sean.

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