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Mandy Moore Was In Love With Shane West While Filming "A Walk To Remember" And His Instagram Proves He Loved Her, Too

It's been 16 years since the film came out.

It's been 16 years since the release of A Walk To Remember — the Nicholas Sparks masterpiece that made you cry buckets of tears and also truly believe in love.

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So, of course, Mandy Moore shared this sweet throwback of her and costar Shane West.

And — just as we all suspected — Mandy admitted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that part of her "absolutely fell in love" with Shane.

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Moore told EW that making the film with West was an unforgettable experience. Moore said, “Shane was so wonderful. … I felt incredibly lucky right off the bat that I had someone who was as willing to work with me and who was patient and understanding."

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Moore even said she she didn't know the difference between Shane and his character, Landon Carter.

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"I don’t know if I could discern the difference between him and the character at that point in time because, again, it was my first experience doing anything like this and I was a 16-year-old, impressionable girl. I was just so caught up in the moment and the experience."

So, it got me to thinking. Did Shane reciprocate the love?

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And, like any good investigator, I went to Instagram. Shane, too, had a sweet throwback pic of him and Mandy...

...with this caption.

theshanewest / Via

And then I noticed both of them have shared throwbacks of the film in the past.

Here's one from 2017.

theshanewest / mandymooremm / Via

And another from 2016.

theshanewest / mandymooremm / Via

So, I'm gonna go ahead and assume the feelings were mutual.

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Ah, young love.

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