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I Tried Carrie Underwood's Leg Workout And My Thighs Will Never Be The Same

Just call me "Legs."

Hi, I'm Krista and I enjoy a good run, but that's about the extent of my "leg routine" these days.

After seeing Carrie Underwood's legs at the ACM Awards, I got to thinking. Carrie must have one kickass leg workout to get those things looking like this:

Yes, guys, she's an amazing singer. I'm not trying to belittle her singing abilities by focusing on her legs — I am just trying to give a fellow female some props for working hard AF on those legs!

Naturally, I did a bit of Instagram stalking and I quickly realized her routine is more attainable than I thought.

I even thought to myself, “Hell, I’m a mom and I need to utilize my son like she does!” So, I tried it out at home:

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I must say, I feel like I got a better workout than Carrie did in her video when she squats while holding her son because my son is 8 years old and weighs over 50 pounds. #WINNING

After that first bit, I was tired. I'll admit. But I knew she had to do more...so I found a YouTube video featuring her personal trainer, Erin Oprea, and decided to try her suggestions.

Exercise One:

Exercise Two:

Exercise Three:

Carrie also shared this video that I tried below:

View this video on YouTube


Again, I did three sets of 10 reps for each exercise. At this point, I'm just trying to focus on the fact that I promised myself pizza rolls if I finished.

P.S. The one where you lie on you back is REALLY FREAKING HARD.

Final Thoughts: Worth it.