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Ladies, Let’s Talk About Men’s Razors For A Sec

I just can't keep silent anymore.

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If you're a woman, you know what I'm talking about when I say men's razors are just better than ours. Period.

coaciebean / Via BuzzFeed

Even if a woman's razor has the same amount of blades, the men's version just gets a closer shave.

And that hydrating moisture in the woman's razor just clogs it, TBH.
issadisticlollipop / Via

And that hydrating moisture in the woman's razor just clogs it, TBH.

So, if you want the closest shave anywhere on your body, you should use a men's razor.

Just in case you were wondering, women pay as much as 11% more for shaving products than men do FOR NO FREAKING REASON.

Even the shaving companies know the men's are better. They are now trying to woo women with scented handles – SMH.

jordyspice1907 / Via

And their commercials are lies. This, for example, shows an already hairless woman shaving with a woman's razor.

They probably shaved her legs with a men's razor before filming this shot.

People just know the women's razors don't cut it (pun intended).

And that is why they don't give a damn when they need to take their fair share of the men's razors.

Silky smooth legs like this are obviously the result of a man's razor.

So, hey, razor companies, just get rid of women's razors already.

And then we can all go about our shaving business in peace.


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