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People Are Sharing Random Life Hacks They've Stumbled Upon That Are Now A Part Of Their Daily Life

The more you know.

TikTok user @thelifebath recently asked people to share the one life hack they stumbled upon that is now standard practice for them:

She shared a hack she learned where you place a wine glass in the center of a bowl of chips and put the dip of your choosing in the glass.

Martini glass filled with dip inside a plastic bowl with chips
@thelifebath /

Other users quickly started sharing the genius hacks they've discovered, like @athomewithshannon, who shared her hack for draining pasta:


How was I doing this wrong my whole life? This was one of those LIFE HACKS that I use EVERY DAY! #hack #lifehacks #learnontiktok #hacks #lifehack

♬ original sound - Kelly - The Life Bath

Instead of placing the strainer in the sink and pouring the pasta into it, she puts the strainer over the bowl of pasta and pours.

@athomewithshannon /

User @pierre.le.chef shared their simple hack for cutting tomatoes:

All you do is place a lid or plate over baby tomatoes (or grapes!), hold the plate down, and use a knife to evenly cut each piece in half.

User @monmackfood shared a parchment paper hack they use when baking:

You simply fold the parchment paper and cut it to the size of the pan you're using so it works like a liner.

@monmackfood /

@abrigail23 shared her hack for folding a chip bag:

She rolls the end over and folds the edges in to keep the air out and the chips fresh.

@abrigail23 /

And @kennamox shared her hack for getting snack bags to sit upright:


Instant bowl and no digging to the bottom.

♬ original sound - Kelly - The Life Bath

She folds the bottom in so the bag can sit on a flat surface.

@kennamox /

User @girlandherdoggos showed how she puts her shirt on without getting deodorant on it:

She has her T-shirt inside out with the tag facing away from her body so any deodorant that rubs off while she is putting on her shirt goes on the inside instead of the outside.

@girlandherdoggos /

When it comes to soda, user @frankdoesit has a hack for preventing fizz explosions:

He pushes down on the sides of the can to help the fizz settle, and then when the can is opened, it shouldn't explode.

@frankdoesit /

@dr.staci.t shared a hack she uses to get her stretched-out, spiral hair ties to shrink:

The hair ties are plastic, so if you heat them up with a blow dryer, they should revert back to their original size.

@dr.staci.t blowdrying a hair tie inside a organizational box

This hack for getting wax out of wax melters was shared by user @emma_mitchy:

All you have to do is freeze the wax and it should fall right out.

@emma_mitchy /

If you don't have a clip to seal a frozen food bag, TikTok user @rafaelariot has the perfect hack for you:

When you cut the top part of the bag open, save it and use it as a tie around the bag.

@rafaelariot /

If you struggle to fold hoodies, user @lottemyrseth has a little hack to help you with that:


Learned from Tiktok ofc🤷🏻‍♀️

♬ original sound - Kelly - The Life Bath

They use a technique where you fold the hood over the shirt part of the hoodie so it doesn't come unfolded.

@lottemyrseth /

According to @hannahnewton29, if you shake your salt and pepper shakers up and down, it isn't the best way:

She shows her hack where you rub the bottom of the shaker in a circular motion to get more seasoning to come out.

She demonstrates getting more seasoning out of a shaker onto a paper plate
@hannahnewton29 /

And if folding a fitted sheet is a nightmare for you, @byronbydesign shared her simple way of doing it:

You probably have to watch the video a few times to get it down pat, but she folds one corner over the other to create a neatly folded sheet.

@byronbydesign /

And, lastly, this mom — user @thoroughlybeautiful — shared her hack for folding dirty diapers:


Reply to @chelseytaormina Easy up hack slowly for those who asked! #momhack #momhacks #momtips #lifehack

♬ original sound - Kelly - The Life Bath

You pull a layer from the front, peel it back, and it allows you to easily fold the diaper up.

@thoroughlybeautiful /

Ah, we love a good hack! Got any others that will blow our minds?! Let us know in the comments!


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