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    People Are Sharing Their Newly-Discovered Life Hacks And I Can't Believe I Haven't Seen These Ones Yet

    We love learning new hacks!

    At the beginning of this year, TikTok user @thelifebath asked people to share the life-changing hacks they've discovered, and we rounded up the best ones.


    Her hack was to place a wine glass in the center of a bowl of chips and put the dip of your choosing in the glass. Brilliant!

    And now, over nine months later, people are still sharing amazing hacks they've discovered. So, it is our duty to make your life easier and show you some more!


    If you have ever tied a produce bag at the grocery store too tight and couldn't get the knot out — this hack is for you. User @emilymaecupcake found a way to easily get the knot out by twisting the end and pushing it together. Just watch:

    The next hack comes from @toritok85. If you need to dry boots — or any shoes — this one is for you! Place the wet shoes in a pillow case, hang the pillow case over the door of the dryer, and close it. After that, start the dryer, and the shoes won't make that loud, awful noise as they spin around to dry. It's super easy, watch how she does it:


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    You know when you pour liquid from a cup and it spills out everywhere and makes a mess? Well, that doesn't have to happen anymore with @thiccumsmcdaddycakes' hack! Just use a spoon to help the liquid flow directly into the bowl or cup you want. Here's how it's done:

    This is a much-needed COVID-era hack from @darkingdearxd: Simply place a PopSocket on the dash of your car and pop it up when you want it to hold your masks!

    This hack is for anyone who lives in an area that doesn't get good Wi-Fi or cellphone service in their home. TikTok user @callherlita lives in a rural part of North Carolina and said this internet hack actually works. What you do is purchase a Netgear LTE modem that uses a SIM card. Then you get an unlimited data plan (she said you can get this at Walmart, and hers is around $55 a month). Put the SIM card in the modem and hook it to your router, and you have amazing internet!

    @callherlita also said you can use up to 10 devices, depending on how much square footage you have.

    If you love the boxed macaroni and cheese that comes with those cheese pouches, you don't have to worry about squeezing them and getting your hands messy with this hack! @youradhdmom just places the packet in the pot, puts the lid over it, and is able to seamlessly squirt the cheese out.


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    There's an easy way to thoroughly clean your toilet that you may not know about. TikTok user @vanesamaro91 showed us that all you have to do is remove the snaps behind the toilet seat, and it can easily be removed so you can clean it better!

    User @kaansanity has a hack for turning one food storage bag into however many smaller bags you want. All you have to do is heat up a knife and run it along where you want the baggie cut. The heat seals the seams so that nothing leaks!

    And if you need to remove those pesky stains from your food storage containers, @juleshairtbay has the solution! Put a paper towel in the bottom of the container, add some dish soap and a little bit of water, and then shake! The stains come right off. Don't believe me? Here's proof!

    When you need to drain grease from your meat, there's a simple way to do it without it going down the drain. @katiebaker5413 puts some foil in the drain to create a small bowl, puts the meat in a strainer, and lets the grease collect in the foil. Then you dispose!

    And, lastly, this hack by @nazzydagreat is for the Oreo + milk lover! Stick a fork into the cream center of an Oreo, and dip it into the milk for a hands-free snack!


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    OK, we know there are more hacks out there! Tell us your favorite one in the comments!


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