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    25 Photos To Remind You How Hot Leonardo DiCaprio Was, Is, And Always Will Be

    "I'll never let go."

    1. Let's start with a recent one:

    I've never wanted to be Emma Stone so badly in my life:

    2. Anyways, let's take a trip down Leo memory lane. Here he is in 2016 finally getting the Oscar he deserved years before:

    3. Look at our little peach just so interested in this press conference in 2015:

    4. Here he is in 2014 looking handsome in his man bun while being named the UN Messenger Of Peace at the United Nations:

    5. Here he is in 2013 at the Cannes Film Festival just letting all those photogs get a good shot of his ass:

    6. When you just want 2012 Leo to look at you the way he looks at Meryl Streep here:

    7. Look at him in 2011, just hanging out with Stevie Wonder. NBD:

    8. In 2010, Leo was in Rome and looking like this:

    9. In 2009, he stayed true to his sexy self by hitting up quite a few basketball games:

    Save a seat for me, Leo.

    10. Here he is in 2008 looking dreamy AF by some flowers:

    11. Here he's just pullin' off that cute but casual look in 2007:

    12. Look at this dashing man just signing autographs in 2006:

    13. He went for a buzz haircut in 2005 and we aren't quite sure about it, but he still looks fine as hell:

    14. He looks pretty charming accepting his Actor of the Year Award in 2004:

    15. In 2003, Leo was just being adorable as ever and even held up a young Lakers fan during a game:

    See, look how great a father he would be to my children?!

    16. Here he is just looking perfect in 2002 for a screening of Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York:

    17. In 2001, Leo was standing up and helping victims of the World Trade Center at Madison Square Garden:

    18. His frosted tips and spiked hair were a real treat in 2000:

    19. Check out his hot bod in this wife beater in 1999:

    20. In 1998, Leo looked young but attractive as he stepped out for the Golden Globes:

    21. He was swimming in his tux in 1997, but still just as darling as ever:

    22. Here he is looking suave at the premier of Romeo and Juliet in 1996:

    23. In 1995, he was looking tough in the film The Basketball Diaries:

    24. In 1994, Leo was rocking the long hair while shooting the short film The Foot Shooting Party: