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    This Text Message Breakfast Order By Leah Remini's Daughter Is Peak 2018 Kid

    I'll take an array of fruit plz.

    This is Leah Remini. AKA star of the docuseries Scientology and the Aftermath, AKA Vanessa in Kevin Can Wait, AKA Carrie in The King of Queens, AKA Stacey Carosi in Saved by the Bell.

    Well, she and hubby Angelo Pagan have one daughter together, Sofia. Here's an adorable throwback of the fam:

    leahremini / Via

    And Sofia – who is turning 14 in June – recently sent her mom a very specific breakfast order via text message.

    leahremini / Via

    Leah shared a screenshot of the text conversation with her daughter...who was just in the next room over.

    leahremini / Via

    And people on Instagram were here for it.

    Parents were really relating to the moment as well.

    Kids today. Amirite?


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