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    Kristen Bell Shared A Prank Her Kid Pulled On Dax Shepard And It's Brilliantly Hilarious

    Two perfect little turds.

    Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell need no introduction. In addition to being super famous actors, they seem like the coolest parents ever to their two daughters, 7-year-old Lincoln and 5-year-old Delta.

    I mean, literally, just yesterday, Dax shaved his head to match Lincoln's:

    And the two are always open and honest to the public about their parenting style — Kristen even recently explained why she lets her kids drink non-alcoholic beer.

    Well, today, Kristen gave us a little behind-the-scenes video of a joke one of their kids — she didn't say if it was Lincoln or Delta — pulled on Dax:

    Next to their toilet (that is fully equipped with a remote), her kid put a mini play toilet and a naked Ken — I think it's Ken? — doll:

    Photo of the toilet and the mini toilet with Ken doll.

    And inside Ken's little toilet there appears to be pee and poo:

    Photo of naked Ken doll and toilet.

    It's very realistic-looking, so upon seeing it, Dax might think his kid peed and pooped in the pretend toilet. However, it is just water with yellow food coloring and two chocolate chips. A brilliant joke to play on an unsuspecting dad!

    Close up of the pretend toilet.

    And now we are hoping that Kristen will gift us with another video of Dax's reaction! We will update you if she does.

    The Shepard-Bell household. Every day is a new adventure.