Katy Perry's Unborn Daughter Flipped Her Off In Her Sonogram Video And It's Hilarious

    Happy Mother's Day, Katy!

    Earlier this month, Katy Perry announced that she was having a baby with Orlando Bloom. She revealed her lil' bump in her music video for "Never Worn White."

    She later revealed that she and Orlando were expecting a girl in an Instagram post where Orlando's face is covered in light-pink frosting:

    And since then, she has even shared a few details about her pregnancy — like the fact that she will give birth sometime this summer!

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    Well, Katy has now shared an entire sonogram video of her unborn baby, and if you look closely, you can see the baby flip you off:

    At first — and I am no sonographer — it looks like we see feet:

    Then, around six seconds in, you can see what looks like a middle finger stick up and give the bird:

    It is really hard to screenshot because it happens so quickly! I tried my best!

    Anyways, it seems Katy is already prepared for what is to come: A STRONG-WILLED DAUGHTER!

    Thanks for sharing this funny moment with us, Katy. Here's to you being happy and healthy during the remainder of your pregnancy!