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    15 Times Frank Costanza Was The Epitome Of Extra

    A Festivus for the rest of us.

    1. When Frank made the decision to move to Florida just to piss off Jerry's parents.

    2. And, of course, he followed it up with this phone call to Jerry's father.

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    3. When he let his wife know she wasn't the only one improving herself.

    4. When he left Jerry this voicemail about his son being dead.

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    5. When he was the only person in the world who actually raised his blood pressure by saying this.

    6. When he was having dinner with George's soon-to-be in-laws and questioned the sexuality of hens.

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    7. When he celebrated Festivus.

    8. When he designed a bra for men with Kramer and tested it out.

    9. When he attempted to make this slam.

    10. When he got really angry over his dry omelet.

    11. When he told Mr. Kruger (George's boss) that he had a shitty business.

    12. When he picked up his grown ass son from the police station and tried to fight Elaine.

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    13. And when he also tried to ground George, his grown ass son.

    14. When he let his wife know how he really felt about her wardrobe.

    15. Lastly, when Frank opened up about how his over-seasoned meat made his troop sick during the Korean war.