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    Jenna Fischer's Kids Charged Her For Her Mother's Day Breakfast — And Her Own Bread

    "Did they charge you for the sourdough you made?"

    Jenna Fischer. Such a regal human.

    And, yes, she played Pam Beasley on The Office.

    She and director/actor hubby Lee Kirk have two kids together — Weston Lee and Harper Marie.

    Jenna is also a mom to her cat, Sonny. But today's story isn't about Sonny (I just liked this pic).

    Today's story is about this bill Jenna got after her kids served her Mother's Day breakfast:

    Right away people noticed that Jenna was being charged for the homemade bread SHE made!

    'Cause if you didn't already know, Jenna is obsessed with making bread.

    She makes it all the time.

    Anyways, you get it. She likes making bread. Lots of it.

    So moms definitely got a laugh out of the fact that not only was she charged for her Mother's Day breakfast, but she was also charged for her OWN bread.

    Motherhood is full of little moments like these. Moments where you find yourself shocked at first, but then laughing next. Also, I'm sure she is proud of her kid's great math skills on the bill!

    Jenna, we hope you had a great Mother's Day and we hope you tipped well!