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    Fans Are Thanking Jameela Jamil For Pointing Out That Money Is The Reason Celebs Appear So Perfect

    "Money is the reason most people don't look as thin and young as celebrities."

    This is the beautiful Jameela Jamil. She is an actress, writer, model, DJ, and radio host.

    And she's most well known for her role as Tahani on The Good Place.

    She likes to keep things pretty real on Instagram.

    And she recently shared a post talking about how money has pretty much everything to do with "beauty" in Hollywood.

    Her caption to the above photo reads:

    Moms really appreciated it being pointed out.

    People were happy to see light being shed on society's expectations.

    In short, people loved it.

    Thanks, Jameela. I think we all needed to hear that.