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    If Your Eggo Is Preggo, Just Grab A Seat, Order A Burrito, And Appreciate This Post

    Baby makers unite.

    Hello, loves. Dear amazing people of the world who are sacrificing their bodies to bring life into this world. IT IS HARD AND YOU ROCK.

    Summer's coming up. Did you shave? No? Good for you.

    Speaking of not doing things, go ahead and keep your pants unbuttoned...all day.

    Is reading this post making you hungry already? Yeah, it happens. Go ahead, take a break, and grab a snack.

    Better? OK, let's keep going.

    Crap, did you glance down at your swollen feet just now? Hey, girl, those little piggies are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, trust me.

    Do you need to pee now that you just got comfy? Just remember:

    WAIT: Did you really just pee your pants a little? And are you crying about it? It's those damn pregnancy hormones. We forgive you.

    I know, I know, you feel like this monkey right now. Some people make pregnancy look so easy...

    ... But YOU are amazing and you are doing just fine.

    Was that a little fart I just heard?!

    Hey now, don't laugh too hard, you might pee your pants again.

    Now I bet you're looking down to see if you actually DID pee, but you can't tell because your boobs and belly are so huge.

    Hey, I meant that in a good way, don't cry again! You are the cutest pregnant person ever. We get it, though, it's those hormones again. Go grab a carton of ice cream if needed, we're almost finished.

    Give that little babe inside you a fist bump for hanging in there with us.

    Because when this is all over – even if you HATED pregnancy – you will miss feeling the little kicks. Well, not the ones in the ribs or the ones in the bladder, BUT the feeling of knowing your sweet little babe is with you always.

    I know, I know, now you're crying again. Pregnancy really is an amazing thing and this post is just to appreciate you for growing another human.