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    Updated on Sep 10, 2018. Posted on Sep 7, 2018

    If Your Middle Name Is Marie, This Post Will Speak Deeply To You

    "Is every girl's middle name Marie?"

    Ah, Marie. It seems to be one of the most popular middle names of all time.


    Next to Nicole and Elizabeth, of course.

    You can't deny it goes well with literally every single name out there.

    But you also can't help but wonder why your parents didn't try to be a little bit more, um, original?

    If people are curious about your middle name, well, they won't be curious for long.


    And if your S.O. forgets it, they have a pretty decent shot at correctly guessing what it is.

    When you were a kid, people definitely thought Marie was the same as Mary or Maria.

    You know it means "sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow," so you never really understood why it was so popular.

    Some claim it to be a "white girl" middle name...

    ...but it really is everywhere...

    Just ask Selena MARIE Gomez.

    selenagomez / Via

    Or Jessica MARIE Alba or Regina (Jenna) MARIE Fischer.

    If you're creating a username or email using your first and middle name, there's zero chance it's available.

    It's not a bad middle name, I mean the cute kitty from AristoCats is named Marie.

    disney_marie_in_day / Via Instagram: @disney_marie_in_day

    But I guess so is Raymond's mother.

    TV Land

    Either way, you're stuck with it. (Unless you wanna change it, which you totally can, but to do so legally would be a pain and your mom also might get sad.)

    So, to all you fellow Maries out there, I see you and I stand with you.


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