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Small-Chested People Will 100% Relate To This Post, So Don't Click If You Have Big Yabos

IBTC members only.

1. Hello, fellow small-chested friends. Friends with teeny-weeny hills instead of those big, majestic mountains. I see you, let's talk.

Hayley Kiyoko

2. Don't you just hate it when you get that gap in your bra? Yeah, a problem big-boobed people never have to deal with.

dani_n_mason / Via

3. And speaking of bras, not wearing one really isn't as ideal as other people think. We still need something to shape our tiny tots.

redwitch627 / Via

4. Let's not forget your boobs look especially small next to your big-boobed friends...even you can't help but be entranced by their cleavage.

Getty Images

5. And you know all too well what it's like to go out with said big-bosomed friends.

6. Remember the Ta-Ta towel?! More like the "Ha-Ha Towel" for people with small boobs.

7. Back in middle school there was nothing more annoying than people making IBTC jokes.

8. You are always still up for trying fun, sexy things with your little bewbs, you just have to improvise sometimes.

9. Oh, and you're grateful they always have plenty of your size in stock at Victoria's Secret.

10. Also — not that you're not happy with your small boobs — but you do sometimes buy bras with a shit ton of padding (for fun, ya know).

i_said_sara / Via

11. Let's be honest, you've always wondered what it would be like to get a boob job. (Possibly even contemplated it.)

12. When you lay on your back your little boobs vanish completely.

jettaturas / Via

13. Working out is nice and all, but if you lose weight — your boobs are the first to go.

thenomeatgirl / Via

14. Hey, at least you can comfortably sleep on your stomach, though!

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

15. Oftentimes you feel like you're a little girl still waiting for puberty.


16. When it comes to bikinis, it's inevitable you'll need a smaller top and bigger bottom.

styleunder40 / Via

17. Sometimes your S.O. has more impressive cleavage than you.

18. You never really have "boob sweat" because, hello, you don't even have cleavage!

19. You know there's nothing worse than those stick-on raw chicken cutlet bras.


20. And strapless tops will most definitely lead to nip slips because there is literally nothing to hold them up.

24danielle84 / Via

21. You'll never have, sigh, side boobage.

22. Your boobs may not exist, but your problems certainly do (just like everyone else).

23. The good news is you'll also never have back pain that is caused by your boobs — yay!

Little Mix

24. And that special person in your life will always love your minuscule boobs no matter what.


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