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I Wore A Corset Like The One Kim Kardashian Wore To The Met Gala And I Learned Some Things

My waist instantly got two and a half inches smaller.

Kim Kardashian West is truly an icon. We know this.

So it's no surprise she got the attention of quite literally everyone in her outfit at this year's Met Gala.

Kim said creating her look took seven months and that she underwent corset breathing lessons from the famous corset maker Mr. Pearl.

Obviously, the world was curious as to how she got into her dress, and she showed us in a behind-the-scenes video interview with Vogue. The corset she wore under her dress was custom-made just for her body.

And that corset took three men to lace up! She literally couldn't sit down in it! Or even eat! AHHH!

So, Kim's look got me thinking. I've never worn a corset before and I know nothing about them or what they feel like...probably because I'm too busy eating giant pancakes and drinking giant mimosas. 🤷

In fact, when I think about corsets I envision that scene in Titanic where Rose's mom is aggressively lacing hers up and it looks awfully painful, so I was a bit scared!

But I decided to set my fears aside because I wanted to see what wearing a corset like Kim's would actually feel like. I met up with corset and lingerie maker Hoss Masoumi — also known as LA's corset king — who owns Hoss International in downtown Los Angeles.

Since I clearly don't have the status — or, let's be real, the money — of someone like Kim Kardashian, I wasn't able to get a corset custom-made to my body, so I decided to try on ones that were already made for my size. Hoss explained that Kim wore a full-body corset that is similar to a dress corset. He thinks it was made with a strong mesh material.

Hoss then laced me tightly up in one of his dress corsets:

It was pretty clear right away that it "shaped" my body to look more like an hourglass figure.

But, just like Kim experienced, it was pretty impossible for me to sit down all the way in it.

Kim may have also used a waist cincher to prepare, so I wanted to see what that felt like as well. It immediately made me realize how badly I slouch. The cincher made me stand up very straight. I felt like a full-blown proper lady. 💁

My waist started at 26.5 inches before the cincher...

And shrunk to 24.5 after the cincher. If you suck at math, THAT'S TWO INCHES!

And because I have no self-control and wanted to try on ALL HIS BEAUTIFUL CORSETS, Hoss let me put on a standard corset that can be worn over OR under your clothes. (Yes, I now realize pink undies were probably a bad choice.)

Here's a side-by-side comparison of what it looked like under a lovely outfit made by Hoss himself:

And a sliding comparison for dramatic effect.

Taylor Patterson / BuzzFeed / Via http://
Taylor Patterson / BuzzFeed / Via http://
Taylor Patterson / BuzzFeed / Via http://

Overall, the experience was great and I learned a lot about the right and wrong way to waist-train. Being someone like Kim Kardashian may seem "easy" and glamorous, but it is also a lot of HARD WORK. Kudos to you, Kim, for crushing it every day and especially at the Met Gala!

And a big thank you to Hoss for allowing us to visit and try on his alluring pieces. The sole purpose of this post was to try to see how it felt wearing Kim's Met Gala corset dress. Every body is beautiful and in no way are we suggesting you should try to obtain Kim's! YOU DO YOU; WE LOVE YOU!