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    I Asked Carrie Underwood About Those Legs Of Hers And Here Are Her Secrets

    Jesus take the wheel.

    Everyone knows Carrie Underwood – Grammy award-winning country artist, leg goddess, the list goes on and on... and everyone does not know me, Krista Torres – a regular ol' BuzzFeed employee.


    Let's not even compare our legs.

    Anyway, a few months ago I tried out Carrie's leg routine using workouts I found on YouTube and her Instagram, so when I got the opportunity to actually talk to and workout with her and her road trainer, Eve Overland, I couldn't pass it up.

    Since fitness is obviously a huge part of Carrie's life, I wanted to know how she juggles it all – and also get some fitness and nutrition tips from Eve.

    We started off with an intense AF workout led by Eve.


    The workout didn't just focus on legs (as I expected), it focused on working EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY.


    The 45-minute workout consisted of a combination of toning and cardio moves. There were several sets of squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, and so much more.

    No gifs of me – because, well, I was dying.

    Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    After we worked out, I was a sweaty mess. So, naturally, if you're going to be around Carrie Underwood, you shower.

    We then enjoyed lunch from one of Carrie's favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, Crossroads.

    Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    We had a chilled potato soup called Vichyssoise, a cucumber tahini salad, grilled maitake mushrooms, and strawberry shortcake trifles for dessert. Carrie is vegetarian and I am not. But, tbh, if I could eat Crossroads for every meal, I totally could be.

    After lunch, I sat down with Carrie and asked her about how she stays motivated.


    ME: Last night, I was going to go run, but after a long day at work, picking up around the house and putting my son to bed, it just didn’t happen. What’s your advice for busy moms – and busy people in general – to stay motivated? How do you stay discIplined?

    CARRIE: It’s all about just doing what you can, when you can, and cutting yourself a little slack. I used to workout six or seven days a week, and now it just doesn’t happen. If I’m not going to be able to do anything because my day is packed, I try to get in a small, thirty-minute workout earlier. And just doing that, I feel good for the rest of my day. Don’t wait ‘til the end.

    We all know about Carrie's famous legs. I asked her about how she keeps them in such incredible shape.


    ME: When you're trying to work your legs, besides the basics, like squats, is there anything specific you do? Do you have a go-to leg workout routine?

    CARRIE: Honestly, keep it simple with squats or lunges – or do suitcase squats, where you’re just holding weights or the leg press. I love that.

    ME: So, I know you’re a vegetarian. Has it been hard hard since your son, Isaiah, was born?

    CARRIE: Not to be vegetarian. I feel like one of my biggest problems is not making myself eat his food he doesn’t eat. I hate wasting food and I hate wasting water. If I’m going to put it on my plate, I’m going to eat it all. I make enough just for us and I don’t ever want to waste it. I’ll eat leftovers for a week because I hate wasting food.

    ME: Do you have like a cheap meal or a guilty pleasure?

    CARRIE: I want so badly to be vegan, but cheese is definitely an issue. I’ll have spells where I have no dairy, and I’m good, I’m great, I feel good. But it makes me feel bad, too. I don’t know why I do it, but that’s kind of my Kryptonite.

    Carrie also has her own workout line, CALIA.

    CARRIE: I was noticing the lack of clothing that functioned in and out of the gym. That has always been an issue with me. Sometimes what really works in the gym is not pretty, or it’s super pretty but it doesn’t do anything in the gym. Kind of bridging that gap was important.

    Eve is Carrie's road trainer and she gets to see, first-hand, how Carrie exercises. I asked Eve how much time they spend doing a typical workout.

    Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    ME: If you’re on the road with Carrie, how much exercise do you do?

    EVE: I’ve been on the road with her for the last couple of years and it’s been my flow to do 90 minutes. But there’s tons of studies that say you can get a great workout in twenty or thirty minutes. It’s getting the intensity and the caloric burn in, so your metabolism rises afterwards. But, we jam for about 90 minutes, start to finish. We lift with traditional machines. We do primary motion and secondary motion. We’ll do a traditional lift like a leg press or a squat machine. She’s body-weighting almost everything.

    ME: And about how many days a week?

    EVE: I’d say it’s about six times a week. We work hard and, honestly, it shows because she’s in fantastic shape. She runs on her own when we’re not together, so she gets her cardio in and her aerobic work.

    Then we all drank sangrias and watched the sun go down, talking about life, marriage and parenthood... ha just kidding – Carrie and Eve had way better things to do. So, I just drank my sangria alone.

    Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    Special thanks to WME / IMG for organizing this.