I Asked Carrie Underwood About Those Legs Of Hers And Here Are Her Secrets

    Jesus take the wheel.

    Everyone knows Carrie Underwood – Grammy award-winning country artist, leg goddess, the list goes on and on... and everyone does not know me, Krista Torres – a regular ol' BuzzFeed employee.

    Anyway, a few months ago I tried out Carrie's leg routine using workouts I found on YouTube and her Instagram, so when I got the opportunity to actually talk to and workout with her and her road trainer, Eve Overland, I couldn't pass it up.

    We started off with an intense AF workout led by Eve.

    The workout didn't just focus on legs (as I expected), it focused on working EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY.

    No gifs of me – because, well, I was dying.

    We then enjoyed lunch from one of Carrie's favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, Crossroads.

    After lunch, I sat down with Carrie and asked her about how she stays motivated.

    ME: Last night, I was going to go run, but after a long day at work, picking up around the house and putting my son to bed, it just didn’t happen. What’s your advice for busy moms – and busy people in general – to stay motivated? How do you stay discIplined?

    CARRIE: It’s all about just doing what you can, when you can, and cutting yourself a little slack. I used to workout six or seven days a week, and now it just doesn’t happen. If I’m not going to be able to do anything because my day is packed, I try to get in a small, thirty-minute workout earlier. And just doing that, I feel good for the rest of my day. Don’t wait ‘til the end.

    We all know about Carrie's famous legs. I asked her about how she keeps them in such incredible shape.

    Carrie also has her own workout line, CALIA.

    Eve is Carrie's road trainer and she gets to see, first-hand, how Carrie exercises. I asked Eve how much time they spend doing a typical workout.

    Then we all drank sangrias and watched the sun go down, talking about life, marriage and parenthood... ha just kidding – Carrie and Eve had way better things to do. So, I just drank my sangria alone.