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    I Was Today Years Old When I Learned Adults Wear Diapers In Times Square On New Year’s Eve

    "Drink nothing. Wear Depends."

    If you're wondering what sort of topics come up during conversations at BuzzFeed, a lot of times it's random things, like peeing yourself — which is what came up today.

    And that lead to a conversation about adults wearing diapers so they can relieve themselves without losing their spot on New Year's Eve in Times Square. (I know, it's a random thing to come up in June.)

    But, alas, it's a thing and I did not know this.

    Found out most adults who go to time square for new years eve, actually wear diapers, so they dont lose their spot

    It's a LEGIT thing that has been going on for years apparently.

    And would you believe it's the first thing recommended for attending Times Square during NYE by Trip Advisor? I KNOW.

    #1 recommendation for Times Square at New Years Eve: Adult diapers. 😐

    Urine-soaked baby diapers are awful when they aren't changed, so I can only image what standing in a sea of unchanged ADULT diapers smells like.

    Apparently, it's so crowded that — on top of having to get there at the crack of dawn — if people move to use the restroom, they lose their spot.

    Standing in Times Square, wearing adult diapers, and crapping yourself every hour on the hour from 7 til midnight is what New Years Eve is all about. Happy New Year.

    Oh, and on top of that, there aren't very many restrooms even available or nearby.

    did you know that people that celebrate new years eve on times square usually wear adult diapers cuase theres just no place to pee and poop


    And once you are there, you likely aren't going anywhere.

    Which leaves people with minimal options when it comes to using the restroom.

    You heard the people! DRINK NOTHING. WEAR DEPENDS.

    Me, this NYE, watching the ball drop on TV thinking about everyone's dirty diapers: