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    13 Reasons Why Celebrating Your Birthday Sucks

    Your birthday is just another day to you.

    1. The agony you feel when someone tells the restaurant staff it's your birthday and they sing to you:


    Another reason why my daughter is a whole mood. 😂 #foryoupage #fyp

    ♬ original sound - ___nicoledawn___

    2. When people assume you hate all birthdays, but you have to explain to them that you only hate yours:

    @h0rchataqueen i hate celebrating my own birthday but as soon as my best friend’s birthday hits it’s just

    3. Knowing that if your coworkers did this on your birthday, you would quit immediately:

    4. Referring to your birthday as a mental health day instead:

    I hate celebrating my birthday. I don’t know why. Which is why i buy myself a dessert every year and sit down to eat it in peace. It’s a kind of mental peace that can’t be put into words

    5. Realizing that your birthday wishes are too complex to even be explained:

    birthdays were so easy when i was younger, like i wanted toys and stuff like that. but now? my parents are like "what do u want" and i'm just like "i dont know, maybe some self esteem? emotional stability?? a hobby ???"

    6. Getting reminders like this actually makes you sad:

    7. Not knowing how to explain to people that you truly don't need them to plan anything special:

    my birthday is next week and my family is making plans and it feels so weird because i literally hate celebrating myself like i would rather pretend it’s a normal day 😶

    8. And being super annoyed when they tell you exactly how you should spend your birthday:

    When people tell me how I should celebrate my birthday...

    9. Not understanding the point of celebrating the fact that you're one year closer to death:

    10. Making your birthday private on social media...and also cringing at the thought of someone sending you a birthday video:

    Facebook now lets you say 'happy birthday' with a video message

    11. Feeling like you always have the worst luck on your birthday, so celebrating it isn't even worth it:

    12. And knowing every time you're convinced to celebrate your birthday, it turns out badly:

    every time I try and celebrate my birthday it ends up being shitty

    13. Lastly, never understanding why someone would want to dedicate an entire week or month to celebrating themselves getting older:

    Why do people take a whole month to celebrate they birthdays? Its called birthDAY. Thas one DAY. Cut that shit out.

    To be clear: You're not being pessimistic, you just don't care about your birthday!