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    I Got A Facial That's Like An Alternative To Botox And Here Are The Results

    The DMK Enzyme Masque uses a “reverse osmosis” effect which is similar to how our kidneys purify blood.

    Greetings. I'm Krista and, just like you, every day I get a little bit older.

    I just recently started taking my skincare routine seriously and now that I'm seeing noticeable benefits from it, I've been looking into other ways to keep it looking ~youthful~. Like, sleeping on an "anti-aging" wrinkle pillow:

    And now, I've discovered a facial that is supposed to be like botox without the needles. The DMK Enzyme Facial is being called the Game of Thrones facial on Instagram because it makes you look like a White Walker from the show...

    ...I mean, I see the resemblance:

    I really wanted to know was how this facial was different from other "anti-aging" facials, so I started doing some research. The DMK Enzyme Masque uses a “reverse osmosis” effect which removes toxins and fluids from your skin. It is the same as the process used to purify water, and it's also how our kidneys purify our blood.

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    I also discovered numerous celebrities get this treatment regularly, including Angela Bassett, Minnie Driver, and Bethenny Frankel.

    So I decided to experience it for myself. Inside, account manager Laura Hernandez performed the facial on me at the DMK headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California.

    After my face was cleansed, a sebum soak was applied. "Our sebum soak spirals into the pores of your skin and loosens the sebum to make it rise to the surface, so we can extract it without causing any trauma or any pigmentation on your skin," Laura told BuzzFeed.

    Next, an exfoliant was used on me. Laura explained, "The exfoliation method we use pulls water levels from the new cells underneath your skin. It blows up all the dead cells that sit topically on your skin from not exfoliating regularly. It's going to make them detach and pop off of your skin. Our exfoliation method is great for hydrating and plumping the skin."

    Then, the enzyme masque was applied to my face and neck:

    To do its magic, the masque had to sit for 45 minutes. It started hardening right away and I legit could not close my mouth.

    With every passing minute, the masque got tighter and tighter and I could actually feel my skin pulsating.

    IT WAS VERY CREEPY AND HARD TO RELAX. But also, I kind of liked it because it felt like it was deeply penetrating my skin like it was supposed to.

    And, just for dramatic effect, here is me and a White Walker:

    HBO / Krista Torres / Via http://
    HBO / Krista Torres / Via http://
    HBO / Krista Torres / Via http://

    After a long 45 minutes, it was time to wash the masque off. It took a while because it felt like it was glued to my face – kind of like when super glue dries on your fingers.

    But once it was off, my skin felt amazing. I actually had some of the mottling that happens due to the increased blood flow in your face from the masque.

    After the masque, came a transdermal infusion, which is basically where they apply a cocktail of the skincare products they feel your skin needs.

    After the entire experience, I felt rejuvenated and my skin felt amazing. This was a totally unlike any other facial I've ever experienced and, although I didn't notice a life-changing skin transformation, it definitely felt like my skin got the thorough deep-cleaning it needed. DMK's scientific method of rejuvenating the skin is definitely something that I can see being beneficial long term.

    Note: DMK Skincare performed this service free of charge.