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    17 Photos That Will Speak To Your Soul If You Eat Like A Child

    Your taste buds are mature, STFU.

    1. This mac 'n' cheese and hot dogs in all of its glory.

    2. Or even this plate of plain mac 'n' cheese.

    3. This Totino's pizza...with extra cheese.

    4. And these pizza Lunchables that are just as delish as the warm Totino's.

    5. These basic sloppy joes with plain cheese nachos.

    6. This canned ravioli that is actually legit.

    7. And even more canned deliciousness that will bring back memories.

    8. Nothing beats this plate of fish sticks and ketchup.

    9. Unless, of course, it's dino nuggets.

    10. Get all nostalgic with a classic PB & J.

    11. Appreciate this grilled cheese that is cooked to perfection.

    12. This simple yet so perfect corndog.

    13. And throw in these freshly cooked pigs in a blanket.

    14. Everybody loves a giant helping of Hamburger Helper.

    15. This up close and personal plate of delicious tots.

    16. Only two words needed here: STRING CHEESE.

    17. And then there's this ultimate childhood dream meal: