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    Brie Larson's "Captain Marvel" Workout Is Insane, So I Had To Try It For Myself

    You can call me "Captain Krista" now.

    Hi, Marvel fans! I'm Krista and sometimes I like to pretend I'm Daenerys Targaryen.

    But this time, I've decided to switch things up a bit. It's time for me to be Captain Marvel.

    Marvel / BuzzFeed

    To physically prepare for the role of Captain Marvel, Brie Larson worked with celebrity trainer Jason Walsh.

    So, I met with Jason at his gym, Rise Movement, to go through the exercises he did with Brie.


    Normally, the only workouts I do are running or cycling, so the reps he had me do definitely left me winded.


    The moves were all about strengthening and toning (obvs since Brie was a superhero in the movie).`


    The workout definitely challenged parts of my body that I usually don't train at all.


    After our session, Jason told me his workouts with Brie were on a fitness app called Playbook. He said I could use the app as a guide on my own (it was very helpful).


    It is a free, two-week program where Jason walks you through each workout with step-by-step videos.

    So, following the app, I decided to do the workouts for two weeks. Some of them could actually be done at home, like this resistance band exercise.


    Don't let the above pic fool you, it was taken after only the first rep. I was intensely sweating by the end of it.

    There were three workouts per week, and each workout was an intense 45 minutes. Here is an unflattering pic of how sweaty I was at the gym:


    As someone who only does cardio as a workout, this regime was very challenging for me. I was sore in new parts of my body.

    At the end of each workout, I felt stronger than the previous one. And after two weeks of doing the exercises, I felt like SpongeBob in this GIF:


    In conclusion, I think if someone were to do these workout for an extended period of time, they would definitely be stronger with visible muscle definition. I feel like going forward I am going to incorporate these new workouts into my routine.

    I have so much admiration for Brie, who clearly SLAYED the part of Captain Marvel!


    If you want to try Brie's workout for yourself, you can download the Playbook app on your phone.