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    15 Family Vacations That Went A Lot Worse Than Expected

    Them: "Where are you guys going after the funeral?" Your family: "DISNEY!"

    1. This mom who brought laundry powder on their trip:

    My mom packed a bag with Tide powder laundry detergent and got pulled by the TSA for being a drug mule #FamilyVacationFail

    2. And this dad who snuck tequila on their trip:

    We were going on a road trip when I was 11, and I was sitting in the backseat eating chips. I started choking and grabbed a water bottle out of the cooler and started chugging. Turns out my dad filled it with tequila, and I threw up all over the backseat. #FamilyVacationFail

    3. This family that went skiing without any prior training:

    My family went to Colorado in 2001 and attempted to ski for the first time. #FamilyVacationFail

    4. This family that saw an out-of-town death as a good reason to take a family trip:

    We were in Arizona for my relatives funeral, and my parents figured that since we were so close to Disney we might as well go. “Where are you guys going after the funeral?” “DISNEY!!” #FamilyVacationFail

    5. This dad who didn't know how to properly pack a trailer for travel:

    Thanks you my trailer packing ability, my wife's panties literally have skid marks on them. #oops #vacationfail #fail

    6. This family that forgot to bring their luggage:

    #FamilyVacationFail when you leave and drive for 29 hours and check into hotel and ask one another “ where’s my suitcase?” Gee , next to our nightstand home ! (New clothes for everyone)

    7. And this family that forgot to check if their passports were still valid:

    The night before our trip we realized all of our passports had expired and had to delay our trip by 10 days #FamilyVacationFail

    8. This mom who proved walking on vacation was a challenge for her:

    On our last family vacation my mom fell off a curb and broke both ankles. That was our first day there. We had to wheel her around the rest of the vacation. #FamilyVacationFail

    9. This family that thought it was good idea to let their kids ride in the back of a truck:

    #FamilyVacationFail my parents decided to take us to Canada and let us ride in the canopy of the truck - we all got carbon monoxide poisoning and my friend that came along for the fun had to go in the hyperbaric chamber. we never made it to Canada 😦

    10. This dad who didn't take precautions when eating new foods in a different country:

    @jimmyfallon Took the family to Brazil... and discovered (the hard way) that raw cashews are potentially lethal. Slowed us down a bit... #FamilyVacationFail

    Fun fact: Cashews are related to poison ivy and poison sumac — meaning the oils in their shells may cause a skin reaction.

    11. This husband who took his wife — who didn't know how to ski — on the most challenging ski path:

    #FamilyVacationFail I took my wife skiing in Utah for my birthday and accidentally took her on a black diamond run when she's never skiied before. She froze at the top of the mountain and had to be taken down by ski patrol in a zipped bodybag.

    12. This family that forgot their kid was even with them on vacation:

    Climbed in the wrong van on a road trip and waited. By the time the actual owners came back my family had forgotten me and left. I'm was nine #FamilyVacationFail

    13. This family that broke down and managed to block an entire parking lot:

    Car battery dead--successfully blocking the parking lot #vacationfail #fml

    14. This family that didn't trust anything their kid said about being sick in the car:

    My dad and brother didn’t believe me when I said my stomach hurt on our way to Colorado, cause I had a tendency to say that a lot... So, I puked all over my brother in my dad’s single cab truck. Then, they believed me... My brother still holds it against me. #FamilyVacationFail

    15. And this sister who applies sunscreen on trips in evil ways:

    Gramps is over these family vacays!

    “Next year I’m going on vacation with a different family, this one sucks.” -My Grandpa