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    This Belly Button Phenomenon For Pregnant Women Is Really Tripping Me Out

    Holy umbilical balls!

    I've been it. Pregnant that is.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    Before this guy was eating Whoppers at BK he was moving inside my belly. A lot.

    Krista Torres / BuzzFeed

    You know, making baby belly moves, similar to this: belly button did NOT do this:

    It did this:

    A quick Google search will bring up lots of questions about this wild phenomenon.

    People are admitting they were startled by it.

    And some belly buttons are even playing "hide 'n' seek" during pregnancy, OMG.

    For the record, though, it seems totally normal. These women are not housing aliens in their uteruses.

    BRB gonna go have another kid so I can see if my belly button does this cool trick the second time around! And so I can recreate this pic! TATA!

    _angiedom / Via

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