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Women Are Sharing What Their Place Looks Like Compared To The Men They're Seeing, And If You Don't Already Have Anxiety, You'll Have It Now

When he says, "Let's stay at my place..." 😱


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TikTok user @madelynkrueger shared a ~her place vs. his place~ TikTok, and it quickly went viral:

In the video, she waves goodbye to her lovely, homey, and clean place...

Image of a woman waving bye the her bedroom.

...And arrives at her boyfriend's very unideal living space:

His bathroom is home to endless shower grime and and a supply of half-used men's body washes:

It also features a stained toilet bowl, overflowing trash, and hair clippings throughout:

User @kristiiiii11 quickly decided to hop on the trend and share their ghastly comparisons:


when it’s your turn to stay at his place, peace luv brockport🙃 #college #hardknocklife

♬ It's The Hard Knock Life - Annie Movie

Her place feels like a great spot to hang out, relax, and host dinner parties...

@kristiiiii11 /

...And his place DOES NOT:

@kristiiiii11 /

Dishes fill the counters, and rooms have random junk that may also double as homes to critters:

@kristiiiii11 /

User @naturally_natalieeng shared their scary comparison:

She says sayonara to her homey place...

Image of woman's clean bedroom.

...And shows us her boyfriend's beer + ranch fridge:

Image of a fridge with just beer and Ranch dressing.

He also has hair clippings and offensive toothpaste in his bathroom:

@quinndoroba gave a quick look behind the scenes at what she deals with:

Her place is pristine, neat, and tidy...

@quinndoroba /

...And her partner can't be bothered to make his bed or remove the socks from random places:

@quinndoroba /

There is trash on the floor and a random command hook that holds his loofah (I guess, on the bright side, it does appear that he bathes):

@quinndoroba /

Videos from people like @achendricks will make you CRINGE in disbelief:


when it’s you’re turn to spend the night at his place🙃 #fyp

♬ It's The Hard Knock Life - Annie Movie

She waves goodbye to her beautiful home, probably with a tear streaming down her cheek...

Another clean bedroom.

...And shows us her boyfriend's place, which is overflowing with food and clothes:

His bathroom is cluttered with tons of random items, including things that should be in the kitchen:

And his other living spaces are just as messy:

And lastly, because I can't take anymore, user @karibethconant has a boyfriend who lives the true frat boy life:

See you later, sparkling clean home...

Clean bedroom.

...Hello kegs and empty beer cans:

To sum it up, his house has trash in every single room, including the yard:

  1. We need to YOU live with one of THOSE guys?!

    We need to YOU live with one of THOSE guys?!

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We need to YOU live with one of THOSE guys?!
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