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Experts: What Is The Best Advice For Healthy Eating?

Eating is fun, eating healthy is...not always.

Eating healthy is hard.

Like sometimes you get a sweet tooth or a salty craving, but then end up eating an entire box or donuts or the whole bag of chips.

And sometimes it's hard to grasp portion control, exactly HOW much and WHAT you should be eating.

And then you have all sorts of food-related questions. Like, should I only buy organic or are preservatives bad?

Or maybe you are just lost with all these paleo and ketogenic and vegan diets, so you want to know what a healthy, balanced diet really consists of.

We want to hear from actual experts! Nutritionists – and personal trainers – help us out! What suggestions or tips do you have when it comes to eating? Enlighten us via the Dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!