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    Posted on Jul 9, 2018

    Let's All Agree That Guys Who Rock Long Hair Deserve A Round Of Applause

    Locks of love.

    We are gathered here today to discuss hair. Guys with long hair, to be specific.

    Columbia Records

    Now I have nothing against guys with no hair or short's just guys with long hair are the right ones.

    Exhibit A: The man bun. The epitome of all sex appeal.

    rtulaseket / Via

    Even the littlest of man buns are hot.🔥

    knotkreases / Via

    The hottest Hollywood celebs rock long tresses.

    Long, thin hair looks great down...

    hunter_on_the_whey / Via

    And long, thick hair looks great down.

    _zanevaitekune9768 / Via Instagram: @zanevaitekune9768

    Not to mention, guys with long locks likely have a holy grail of hair products they can recommend to you.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Long-haired dudes are easily spotted and identified in public.

    And they have unlimited options for new hairstyles.

    jeciwould / Via

    Even athletes know long hair is superior to short hair.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    And, TBH, some men have such amazing hair it would be a complete shame not to grow it out.

    royhairmen / Via

    It's just a nice look on any man.

    _flukefanbase / Via Instagram: @flukefanbase

    Agreed? OK, good.


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