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    Here Are Some Of The Most Insanely Expensive Celebrity Push Presents Ever

    I'd have a baby just for one of these gifts.

    Not familiar with the term "push present?"


    It's when a mother gets a gift from her partner for giving birth and – as you can imagine – some celebs get some pretty snazzy stuff.


    To get the scoop on some of Hollywood's most expensive push presents, BuzzFeed spoke with Grant Mobley who is a gemologist and director at one of the world’s leading diamantaires, Pluczenik, and Kimmy Erin Kertes who is a red carpet stylist and fashion editor.

    1. Kylie Jenner gave birth to daughter Stormi last month and Travis Scott gifted her a Ferrari La Ferrari that starts out at $1.4 million.

    kyliejenner / Via

    We think Kylie's new ride was a little more costly considering it probably has a lot of ~special~ features that were added. Watch a video of the car that was on Kylie's Snapchat.

    2. Marc Anthony gifted ex-wife Jennifer Lopez a canary yellow diamond ring priced around $300,000 and a pair of custom diamond earrings with her kid's initials that cost $2.5 million, NBD.

    jlo / Getty Images / Via

    Mobley says, "The diamonds were personally approved by Marc Anthony and are reportedly imported from South Africa, which is known for their high-quality diamond production." Mobley also says that since this present was given to J.Lo, the market for canary diamonds has increased significantly.

    3. After the birth of Saint, Kanye West bought Kim Kardashian a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker necklace worth over $1 million.

    kimkardashian / Via /

    "This is an incredible piece covered in numerous white diamonds of different shapes. In perfect Kim K. fashion, she made this push present a no-brainer for Kanye by posting a luxury push present wish list to her website," says Mobley.

    4. Beyoncé got a diamond and deep blue tanzanite ring from Jay-Z after the birth of Blue Ivy. It was worth $35,000 back in 2012, but is likely worth a lot more today.

    beyonce / Twitter: @weryoBOSSat_ / Via

    "The beautifully set diamonds surround the large, rare deep blue cushion cut tanzanite stone. The diamonds add significant value to this piece," says Mobley.

    5. Jennifer Garner was given a diamond solitaire ring from ex-hubby Ben Affleck after she gave birth to their daughter, Violet.

    Twitter: @mobilecryosuite

    Garner admitted on Live with Regis and Kelly that she dropped the ring down the drain and never told Ben. Luckily, the ring was recovered by a plumber.

    6. Mariah Carey's ex-husband, Nick Cannon, gifted her a custom-made white gold necklace that spells out the names of their twins in diamonds and pink sapphires. It is worth $12,000.

    mariahcarey / / Via

    "The necklace perfectly matched her wedding ring which also featuring pink and white diamonds. The necklace is reported to have four carats of diamonds and pink sapphires," says Mobley.

    7. Kristin Cavallari received a $10,000 Hermes Birkin Bag from husband Jay Cutler after the birth of her son, Camden.

    kristincavallari / Via

    Kertes says, "Not only does it look pretty, but it is also a fantastic investment. Hermes Birkin bags have outperformed gold and the S&P in the past 4 decades, with a 14% annual return."

    8. Ashlee Simpson's hubby Evan Ross gave her a limited edition Chanel graffiti canvas messenger bag – valued at over $5,000 – after she gave birth to their daughter, Jagger.

    miami_twice / Via

    "This fashion-loving couple has always opted for the rock 'n' roll vibe, and Chanel’s canvas messenger is certainly that – with an added dose of utility as a canvas diaper bag."

    So, what would your dream push present be?

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Mobley says, "Diamonds symbolize eternal love – a perfect link to this special moment. For all those contemplating a push present for their loved one, it certainly doesn’t need to be as extravagant as Marc Anthony’s or Kanye’s gifts, but a nice pair of diamond earrings would definitely show that you appreciate all the hard work involved in bringing a new life into the world.”