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    These 15 Meals Are Making Me Really Uncomfortable


    1. A baked beans–and–egg pizza:

    2. A ketchup-filled hard-boiled egg:

    3. A clam chowder ice pop:

    A photo of clam chowder popscicle.

    4. Hamburger Helper with a thick layer of applesauce on top:

    5. Banana slices with raw-fish bits:

    6. Uncooked ramen noodles with peanut butter spread:

    7. Chocolate donuts stuffed with baked beans:

    8. Tuna and processed meat on pizza dough:

    9. Oreos with a pickle filling:

    10. Spaghetti wrapped in a slice of lunch meat:

    11. Tuna inside an ice cream cone:

    12. Pasta topped with chocolate sauce and cheese:

    13. Chili with sushi in it:

    14. Peas coated with peanut butter:

    15. And, finally, a peas–and–Froot Loops Mexican-style variety plate: