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    Updated on Jun 14, 2020. Posted on Jun 10, 2020

    This Super-Easy Green Onion Hack Is Blowing My Mind

    Why did I not know this sooner?

    A Trader Joe's enthusiast recently shared a really useful green onion hack that lets you literally regrow green onions from almost nothing:


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    So, as someone who can't keep a plant alive to save my life, I decided to try it because I was a little skeptical.

    I placed the ends in a small glass (OK, fine, it's a shot glass) of water and set it on my counter. The video didn't say to put the onions in the sun or anything, so I didn't. Easy peasy.

    Krista Torres

    Note: This was the end of day one — yes, they started growing that quickly.

    Here's what the onions looked like the next day:

    Krista Torres

    On the third day, the onions had soaked up a decent amount of the water, so I added a bit more.

    Krista Torres

    On the fourth day, I was completely shocked by how much they grew and greened overnight.

    Krista Torres

    I would say that by day five, they were ready and could have been eaten.

    Krista Torres

    But I decided to keep them in the water a couple of days longer because my life is so uneventful that waking up to check the progress of these onions was really giving me excitement.

    Krista Torres

    And on day seven, they were just BLOSSOMING. TRUE BLOOMING ONIONS:

    Krista Torres

    Anyways, you get it. This hack takes virtually no effort, is rewarding, and it works. I love it!